Mobile Friendly Website Update

Here we have redefined a customer’s website to make it more relevant to the mobile age. Being mobile and tablet friendly makes our customer’s business more visible in the fast moving mobile device market, so their customers can better appreciate what they offer, on the move.

Take a look at the prototype …


Laptop Virus removal in Shipley

We were approached by a delightful lady customer who’s laptop was completely inaccessible as they couldn’t access Windows, the laptop was operating extremely slowly.

Our investigation showed there to be much ‘malware’ present, which was causing the speed issues. We removed the offending malware, checked for other viruses and unwanted programs, gave it a good old ‘MOT’ and installed our preferred (free) anti-virus software to help prevent this from happening again.

One happy customer later had a laptop which she said almost felt new again.

Shipley Lost Data on Hard Drive

Here we managed to retrieve a customer’s data from an increasingly faulty hard disk drive. We recovered irreplaceable photos and securely stored them onto DVD media for safe keeping

HG Computer Services now operating in Shipley

We are pleased to announce our arrival in the West Yorkshire town of Shipley, to serve the Shipley, Saltaire, Baildon, Wrose and Heaton areas of North Bradford.

Computer repairs, IT support, Training, broken laptop screens, slow computers – they are all an enjoyable challenge for us to get your system back to how it should be!

Knaresborough HG5 – design & creation of craft website

We were approached by a local Knaresborough woman who creates great items through her craft abilities, particularly knitting. She has been hand-knitting quality woollen socks for several months, and decided to attempt to sell them on the internet. Our brief was to provide a colourful but simple website where her wares could be presented, with the ability for customers to contact her by email or phone, and send payments via paypal.

The result we feel suits her very well, and we also set up a facebook page to complement the website.

Please feel free to take a look here : Greta’s Hand Knitted Socks.

Allerton Park HG5 – replace broken laptop screen

Ms B called us on Tuesday 4th Feb 2014, because her laptop screen was broken and she was unable to use her laptop. Apparently she had contacted several other local firms who all were unable to help. It was important for her to get this resolved, as they were staying temporarily in the area, and were working remotely hence the need for the computer.

Having identified the make and model of laptop, we ordered a replacement screen from one of our suppliers. We are able to source most types of laptop screen. This was delivered a couple of days later, and on Friday 7th Feb 2014 we called over to her temporary park-home residence and fitted the new screen in situ.

As a courtesy, having noticed the laptop was running incredibly slowly, we offered to run our usual scan and cleanup processes which completed in about 45 miinutes. She was delighted with the renewed screen, and that her laptop now seemed to be faster.

We had a good chat about many things whilst the scans etc were being done, and she was also very interested in our ability to provide cheaper phone & broadband (and utilities and mobiles too!) through the award winning UK company that we are authorised to represent for such purposes. Contact us for more details if you want to save money on your everyday household bills.

Harrogate HG3 remove viruses and speedup laptop

Mrs P in Harrogate (a returning customer : it is always good to hear back from my past customers) advised us that despite her best efforts, she was unable to sort out a particular problem with her laptop. It had a program which kept telling her there were multiple issues wrong with her computer, and that she should buy a particular product, and this came up every time she switched on her computer.

It turned out that there were several pieces of software that had been inadvertently installed. We were successful in removing all of these by uninstalling via the control panel and using some of our specialist software to clean up the remnants, and improve the speed of the laptop, which had started to slow down.

An important issue here relates to what is termed ‘Malware’ (see a more complete definition HERE) which are pieces of malicious software such as trojan horses, worms, viruses etc. designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system such as web-redirection, annoying toolbars,  and pop-ups. These can be installed without the user realising it, often when responding to a website request or email, or just simply pressing a button on a site whose purpose is being masked.

Such malware may be annoying, or slow the computer down, or even steal data or record keypresses and be passed onto untrustworthy third parties.

So it is vital that a computer or laptop is kept free of this type of software. A regular cleanup should only take an hour or so, and we offer an excellent regular service to keep your computer running as it should. Regular Maintenance Contract.

Knaresborough HG5 – local café’s PC & internet issues resolved

Of the many fine cafés you might find in Knaresborough, one contacted us through a recommendation to help us sort out their PC in the café. This is one that is provided as part of their service to their customers, who can browse the internet, check their webmail or update their social status on facebook.

The computer had actually been out of action for a while, and was sat obviously out of action, and many customers were asking why it wasn’t working.

Our standard service provided a clean up and speed up, and we identified that their Antivirus was not working as it should, so changed it to a well regarded free antivirus package. We also noted the main cause for the extremely slow speed was the small amount of system memory installed. We replaced the memory with more than double their original configuration, and the transformation was remarkable.

Additionally, I suggested that their wifi service they provided for customers, to connect to the internet via their phones or portable devices, would be better if the wifi name to connect to was that of the café itself, rather than the default name provided by the internet company. This meant that to customers it was obvious which wifi network they should be connecting to. This was a straightforward change effected by our logging into the router and applying the change on the relevant section of the router’s control panel.

Another happy Knaresborough Customer!

Killinghall, Harrogate HG3 – setup wifi printer and reconfigure home network and setup Kindle

Mr H from Killinghall, again a previous customer, had bought a new wireless printer and needed help in setting this up to work with his existing home network. Also, he wanted his new Kindle to be configured to synchronise with his other devices.

The printer installation sounded relatively straightforward, but we soon realised that the wireless router was locked down (they did not have access to the password a previous computer company had set up) and the set up was not going to be as planned.

In fact, having reset the router, we had to phone their internet provider to determine the correct username and password needed to connect them to their broadband service. We were then able to setup Mr H’s system which required a larger understanding of their configuration, which included internet TV, recordable PVRs, network storage, further existing printers and other attached devices.

Nevertheless, this was all undertaken, albeit taking longer than anticipated, but we left Mr & Mrs H all up and running with their new printer installed and accessible from a PC and laptop, and indeed from an iPhone too.

It just goes to show, that we expect the unexpected, and tend to raise to the occasion to sort out our customers’ needs, which often turn out not to be what they expected they wanted!

Jennyfields, Harrogate HG3 – speed up slow computer

Mrs B of Jennyfields had a Dell computer running extremely slowly.

This is a typical issue facing many people, especially those with older desktop computer systems.

We performed a standard HG Computer Services cleanup and malware removal process, and having identified a system memory issue, discussed this with Mrs B who agreed that installation of additional memory would be appropriate.

The machine was thus given a new lease of life!

Technical Note: system memory, or RAM, is a critically important aspect of how well a PC or laptop performs. It is especially the case with older machines, which when manufactured, had sufficient (but perhaps not ample) system memory to run the software available at the time. RAM has become much more affordable in recent years, and as modern software pushes the limits of older computers (the large proprietary anti-virus packages are a prime example) installation of additional RAM can and does make a dramatic difference to the performance of an older PC.

We hold a certain amount of this older memory in stock, and upgrading from say 512MB to 1Gb or 2GB makes an affordable cost-effective difference and together with a system cleanup (as above) enhances the life of an otherwise excellent PC.

Call us on 01423-861755 now for a free assessment of your PC performance.