More Customers for your Business

Local Customer Sales Leads

This we are really excited about!

Developed by our software / website team, we have recently launched and rolled out an associated business called, which provides lists of locally-targeted customer sales leads of people who have recently bought a new house.

That’s people who have recently moved into a house or flat and will be looking at making into their new home.

  • Thinks for a moment about what that means to your business…

Look at these 12 powerful examples of how your business would benefit from using our sales lead service to target those potential customers:

  1. Hundreds of high quality sales leads will be delivered to you automatically every month.
  2. Every sales lead you receive is someone likely to need your services/product.
  3. Includes new arrivals to the area – customers who are positively looking for your product/services.
  4. Many of these people have money to spend right now.
  5. All you need to do is mail out a sales letter or brochure (or let us do that for you cost-effectively!) and you could get a profitable order.
  6. Customers for everything from small sales up to potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  7. Reduces reliance on hard-selling and completely cold-calling.
  8. Relatively easy-to-convert sales.
  9. Target your marketing budget more accurately. Less money wasted on press advertising, door-knocking etc.
  10. Find out about prospective customers before most of your competitors.
  11. A chance to contact prospective customers before they have contacted anyone else.
  12. If you don’t take advantage of this information now, your competitors might!

Our lists provide leads for every postcode area in England & Wales, so that will include the local postcode districts in which your business operates; these are fresh prospects for your own business, wherever you wish to target your marketing.

Please get in touch now to discuss this exciting opportunity for your business.

Remember, not only can we provide local sales leads for the Shipley, Baildon and North Bradford, BD17, BD18, BD9 areas, we can provide our quality leads in whichever areas in England & Wales your business operates in, or for those you would like to target your marketing towards.