Knaresborough HG5 – local café’s PC & internet issues resolved

Of the many fine cafés you might find in Knaresborough, one contacted us through a recommendation to help us sort out their PC in the café. This is one that is provided as part of their service to their customers, who can browse the internet, check their webmail or update their social status on facebook.

The computer had actually been out of action for a while, and was sat obviously out of action, and many customers were asking why it wasn’t working.

Our standard service provided a clean up and speed up, and we identified that their Antivirus was not working as it should, so changed it to a well regarded free antivirus package. We also noted the main cause for the extremely slow speed was the small amount of system memory installed. We replaced the memory with more than double their original configuration, and the transformation was remarkable.

Additionally, I suggested that their wifi service they provided for customers, to connect to the internet via their phones or portable devices, would be better if the wifi name to connect to was that of the café itself, rather than the default name provided by the internet company. This meant that to customers it was obvious which wifi network they should be connecting to. This was a straightforward change effected by our logging into the router and applying the change on the relevant section of the router’s control panel.

Another happy Knaresborough Customer!

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