Knaresborough HG5 – Desktop PC failing to turn on

Mr C. of Knaresborough HG5 reported problems with his Desktop PC which was booting up but not proceeding beyond the first part of the boot process, essentially hanging at the point where the BIOS is loading, presenting him with a black screen with some white writing.

Failure of a PC to boot can have several causes, and is usually indicated by one or a series of beeps which can help determine the nature of the problem. Beep codes can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Typical issues these indicate are:

  • Memory Problems
  • Video / Graphics card problems
  • CPU errors

Normally when a PC boots up, there is an accompanying single short beep, typically indicating all is well with the pre-boot checks that occur when the machine is turned on.

In this case, there was no beep at all, and the PC just hung on startup (it had not even started to load Windows).

Normally the cause of hung startups is a hardware issue, quite often memory or graphics cards problems. This of course involves opening up the case of the machine. Careful troubleshooting found the problem to be faulty memory stick(s) which when removed enabled the PC to boot up. The remaining memory was adequate for Windows to load, but we installed additional memory to help Windows 7 perform better.

As we had the case open, we vacuumed out the interior (PCs often accrue a collection of dust / hair over time, which can lead to overheating problems as it can interfere with the cooling mechanisms in place) and put everything back together and returned to the delighted customer.


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