Jennyfields, Harrogate HG3 – speed up slow computer

Mrs B of Jennyfields had a Dell computer running extremely slowly.

This is a typical issue facing many people, especially those with older desktop computer systems.

We performed a standard HG Computer Services cleanup and malware removal process, and having identified a system memory issue, discussed this with Mrs B who agreed that installation of additional memory would be appropriate.

The machine was thus given a new lease of life!

Technical Note: system memory, or RAM, is a critically important aspect of how well a PC or laptop performs. It is especially the case with older machines, which when manufactured, had sufficient (but perhaps not ample) system memory to run the software available at the time. RAM has become much more affordable in recent years, and as modern software pushes the limits of older computers (the large proprietary anti-virus packages are a prime example) installation of additional RAM can and does make a dramatic difference to the performance of an older PC.

We hold a certain amount of this older memory in stock, and upgrading from say 512MB to 1Gb or 2GB makes an affordable cost-effective difference and together with a system cleanup (as above) enhances the life of an otherwise excellent PC.

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