LCD Screens Troubleshooting


The LCD display screens on notebooks are typically made of two thin layers of glass with a dark liquid crystal sandwiched between. The outside of the glass is usually coated by a layer of plastic. Quite often it is not possible to even feel the breakage, as the cracks in the glass cannot be felt because the plastic covering rarely breaks or fractures.


With an LCD breakage, any of the following symptoms may occur:

  • The screen may display lines or patterns, and there may be many lines or only a few lines.
  • Black “spots” or “splodges” may be visible. This is usually the liquid crystal material seeping out of a crack. However, a crack may be present causing lines to appear on the display, but no liquid crystal spots are apparent. The spots may be small or may appear later or grow larger in time. These spots may be evident if pressure is applied to the broken screen.
  • The screen may be totally black; however, a visible pattern can be discerned on close inspection.

Other Causes

Please note, however, that lines on the LCD can also be the result of video driver issues or caused by problems with the media you are using. Such video driver issues are often resolved by updating the video driver. This can be achieved by visiting the website of the laptop manufacturer, and accessing their download section.


HG Computer Services are perfectly placed to help you fix your broken LCD screens. We will identify the specific replacement screen you require based on your particular laptop make and model. Be wary that sometimes there are several variations of screen for similar laptops. The rear of the screen may have connectors at the top or bottom of the display, so it is vitally important to purchase one compatible with your own particular model. Avoiding incorrect selection will obviously save delays and expense in returning incorrect screens.


LCD screens can cost anything from £35 upwards. Recent replacements have been in the £50-£60 range. Obviously it depends on the laptop in question. Once we identify the specific model, we will provide you with a quote for the replacement part. We normally charge at cost for the supply of screens where we provide the fitting service.
Supply and fitting will normally cost our customers £30, plus the actual cost of the screen.

Next step

Please contact us if your laptop requires its LCD screen replacing. We aim to source, supply and fit within 3 working days.