Killinghall, Harrogate HG3 – setup wifi printer and reconfigure home network and setup Kindle

Mr H from Killinghall, again a previous customer, had bought a new wireless printer and needed help in setting this up to work with his existing home network. Also, he wanted his new Kindle to be configured to synchronise with his other devices.

The printer installation sounded relatively straightforward, but we soon realised that the wireless router was locked down (they did not have access to the password a previous computer company had set up) and the set up was not going to be as planned.

In fact, having reset the router, we had to phone their internet provider to determine the correct username and password needed to connect them to their broadband service. We were then able to setup Mr H’s system which required a larger understanding of their configuration, which included internet TV, recordable PVRs, network storage, further existing printers and other attached devices.

Nevertheless, this was all undertaken, albeit taking longer than anticipated, but we left Mr & Mrs H all up and running with their new printer installed and accessible from a PC and laptop, and indeed from an iPhone too.

It just goes to show, that we expect the unexpected, and tend to raise to the occasion to sort out our customers’ needs, which often turn out not to be what they expected they wanted!

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