Harrogate HG3 remove viruses and speedup laptop

Mrs P in Harrogate (a returning customer : it is always good to hear back from my past customers) advised us that despite her best efforts, she was unable to sort out a particular problem with her laptop. It had a program which kept telling her there were multiple issues wrong with her computer, and that she should buy a particular product, and this came up every time she switched on her computer.

It turned out that there were several pieces of software that had been inadvertently installed. We were successful in removing all of these by uninstalling via the control panel and using some of our specialist software to clean up the remnants, and improve the speed of the laptop, which had started to slow down.

An important issue here relates to what is termed ‘Malware’ (see a more complete definition HERE) which are pieces of malicious software such as trojan horses, worms, viruses etc. designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system such as web-redirection, annoying toolbars,  and pop-ups. These can be installed without the user realising it, often when responding to a website request or email, or just simply pressing a button on a site whose purpose is being masked.

Such malware may be annoying, or slow the computer down, or even steal data or record keypresses and be passed onto untrustworthy third parties.

So it is vital that a computer or laptop is kept free of this type of software. A regular cleanup should only take an hour or so, and we offer an excellent regular service to keep your computer running as it should. Regular Maintenance Contract.

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