Allerton Park HG5 – replace broken laptop screen

Ms B called us on Tuesday 4th Feb 2014, because her laptop screen was broken and she was unable to use her laptop. Apparently she had contacted several other local firms who all were unable to help. It was important for her to get this resolved, as they were staying temporarily in the area, and were working remotely hence the need for the computer.

Having identified the make and model of laptop, we ordered a replacement screen from one of our suppliers. We are able to source most types of laptop screen. This was delivered a couple of days later, and on Friday 7th Feb 2014 we called over to her temporary park-home residence and fitted the new screen in situ.

As a courtesy, having noticed the laptop was running incredibly slowly, we offered to run our usual scan and cleanup processes which completed in about 45 miinutes. She was delighted with the renewed screen, and that her laptop now seemed to be faster.

We had a good chat about many things whilst the scans etc were being done, and she was also very interested in our ability to provide cheaper phone & broadband (and utilities and mobiles too!) through the award winning UK company that we are authorised to represent for such purposes. Contact us for more details if you want to save money on your everyday household bills.

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